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Carsew turned around as he heard the demon fox speak. He turned, now he was further away, but due to his demon senses he heard everything, and now he saw the girl taking the fox's wrist. A ripple of blackness went over his skin, as if he was going to turn into demon form. He still held his human form though, he had quickly learned to calm down if he got really angry, so to not reveal his true form, but now he was going to use it, so he turned into his black demon form, flapping his wings to get up in the air. Then he speeded up towards the group.

He landed next to Chaos, turning into human form on the way down. As the fox and human started to walk away he said quietly to Chaos:

"Lord Chaos, I need to speak with you." He gave one of his smiles. "It's about the girl."

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