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The Radeon 5870 launches!!

and, yes, the performance on this thing is downright excellent. this card handily trounces the GTX 285 and will even hang with the 4870 X2 and the GTX 295, which isn't bad considering that its 1 GPU vs 2 GPUs.

the thing that really catches your eye, though, is how much tech AMD crammed into this thing. from what i can see, this card should be ample future-proofing if you're planning on going all out for DX11. downsides: this card is hot, literally. Tom's got that card to get all the way up to 100C during testing, and thats with the noisy fan cranking at full tilt. what doesn't really help matters is that half of the exhaust is vented right back into the computer via the top duct (since half of the back slot is now taken up by a DVI port).

the other bits of good news: lower prices on previous generation hardware that are sure to come.

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