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((We'll have daylight soon. Right now, for them, it's now 3:50am.))

"Can you get yourself home from here?"

Moxie looked at Jericho and smiled. With a nod, she replied, "Yep. I can. Thank you, Mr. Jericho, for taking me back home. Um... take care." And with that, she was on her way.

As she was walking, she kept thinking about Ashtin. To her... he seemed... familiar...


"WELL! Number? I need that?"

Sonya glared slightly at the officer. Why was he acting so anxious all of a sudden? Usually, policemen took their time and didn't need to get excited, unless that person did something...

"Why don't you call her up? After all she is your best friend."

"Good idea." Sonya took her cell phone, dialed Moxie's number, and placed it on her right ear. "C'mon, Moxie, please pick up..."
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