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"There's always the possibility that a big fight happened here. There's also the possibility that there is an ambush, in which case we should throw something down the hallway that makes a big boom."

"Easier said than done my friend."

When the doors opened up, Hank flung himself at wall and began shooting.

"Boom!...aww man there's nothing here."

He started walking back when he heard his comm start buzzing.

"Alright boys, looks like we got out ticket out of here. There's a transport very close to our location. I'll see if I can contact anyone aboard the transport."

He twirled the com link for a few seconds before broadcasting to any nearby ships, stations, etc.

"Attention transport pilot, crew member, or any good looking girl looking for a good time. This is Hank Coleman, Ground Forces Spec-Ops member. I have 3 others here with me and well we could use a lift. Please respond, over."

Hank looked over to Wolf, Akira, and Ming.

"Hey did any of you come with anyone else?"
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