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"Lord Chaos, I need to speak with you." He gave one of his smiles. "It's about the girl."

"But of course, allow me to finish up with one thing first though."

Chaos walked over to the girl and looked down at her. He removed something that was on his neck. He put it around the girl's neck and took a step back. The amulet was black, but had three white crystals in it.

"I know that you have chosen this fox creature to guide you but as a god I need to make sure. It is the Amulet of Fear, a very rare possesion of mine. As long as you have it on, no creature can harm you. It shows fear so dark and terrible that not even a dragon would be caught near it. Be safe on your journey, and good luck."

With that Chaos stepped away and moved over to Carsew.

"Now than, I would be delighted to take a look at your home and check on how things are."
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