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I'm running the game through WinUAE. Like SyntheticGerbil I'm very persistent when it comes to REALLY completing games, getting all the points etc.
Regarding the ScummRev review I can add that getting 506 IQ points (Episode, of course) also was rated as "Superb", so your information seems right.

I still believe that something must have gone wrong with the Amiga conversion of the game. I mean: Why would LucasArts make an adventure game which differs in only 2 "IQ puzzles" playing the PC and Amiga versions respectively? And why are these differences (presumably) not mentioned in the official Hint Book?

Another reason for believing that the Amiga version is "corrupt" is the fact that the missing 10 points from the alarm room makes it impossible to get all 800 IQ Series Points! If it's not a mistake, then there's one or more "IQ puzzles" in the Amiga version (giving you the last 10 IQ points) that I never heard of. That, of course, is a possibility but I doubt it...

The last reason for believing the Amiga version is to blame is the fact, that I played the PC version and did in fact get all 800 IQ Series Points (shooting 18 planes in a row is a b....!). The fighting sequence in the alarm room gave me 10 IQ Points and I only got 25 IQ points from escaping Castle Brunwald without getting tied up. So, apparently nothing seems to be wrong with the PC version.

The official Hint Book is the key to end the speculations: I hope it has EVERY detail of all the IQ points. If anyone has the official Hint Book, please let us all know what it says about the mentioned IQ puzzles and whether it says something about differences between the Amiga and PC version.

By the way... If the Amiga version is NOT corrupt:
1) The game will be up for further exploring, hunting down the 10 missing IQ points.
2) It'll be possible to do an episode score of 531 IQ points (506+25).
Exciting stuff for persistent (Amiga) adventure gamers!

If the Amiga version IS corrupt, I would love if someone would correct the code. Apparently, it's seems to be "just" a corrupt points counter, so it would seem possible to someone with the right skills...
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