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I dont know... Im not as impressed by the 5870 Im afraid (Not that I could construct a better one of course ) But 100C is downright ridiculous!

Lucky for AMD users they cant fold because that app would make these cards catch fire Even my multi GPU 295 barely goes into the 60Cs after prolonged gaming.

Indications are that the GT300 will perform similarly or pehaps slightly better - and reports that it will be out by December are making the rounds. Hopefully it will keep its cool better than than the AMD Heat Brick.

The fact that this upcoming generation of GPUs still wont have conquered the CryEngine2 is a tad disappointing, considering that CryEngine3 is just around the corner

I still cant get over that 100C.... I think I'd offically like to announce my retirement from the AMD fanboys club The Athlon/Cool 'n' quiet green computing days are well OVER.


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