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"Sweet, and here I was worried that the party was over. Looks like the birthday boy's home, let's get ready to yell surprise!"

Wolf hid a small chuckle. He glared down the dark corridor, to spot any slight signs of movement. "Lets go."

He rested his large revolver over his shoulder, like it was a rifle. He spotted a neon-lit map attached to the wall. "Looks like theres a main lobby up ahead."

Sure enough, they reached an large opened space room with a desk at the center. It seemed very alive, as all the lights were on and the machinery seemed to be working correctly. And yet, nobody was here.

At the far end of the wall was wat looked like a platform attached to long shaft that went upward. It seemed to be in working condition.

"Looks like an elevator the mechanics use for delivering heavy equipment. It should lead us back to there workshop, which oughta be on the ground floor level."

They heard the screech again, only louder. He then heard footsteps. "I dont think we'll be getting out of this very easily."
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