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"Going in to attack something without knowing what it is or what it can do will have disasterous results. How do you think I got this sucker?" Ming said, pointing to his scar. "I suggest we go in cautiously."

Hank looked over and shook his head.

"Yeah but where's the fun it that. I haven't gotten a scar yet and that's because I don't let anyone get the chance to hit me."

"I second that...or we could just go in barrels blazing....that way is much more dangerous, but fast."

Hank reloaded his rifle and laughed.

"I like your style, but looks like Tex has a plan of his own."

Hank followed after Wolf.

"I dont think we'll be getting out of this very easily."

"Well I'm seeing three options here. Fight, Run,..." Hank pulled out another grenade and looked at the wall. "Or we make our own way out of here."

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