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Cool theory btw It would be awesome if it were a true canon hint at Yoda's home world it could mean we are much closer to twilek dancing girls and droid bartenders than we thought
I think that it makes plenty of sense that they were a related species from the same system. As Chewie and Bossk are. That galaxy as shown, is probably meant to be assumed to have totally changed since what we see, like for how long it takes to come from 3 galaxies away. And since Yoda lived 900 years, then a related species who are longlived would be prime for extra-galactic travel. So perhaps by the time Kleeborp went back the technology in that galaxy would be reduced to what ours is. If you really look by example, we regress more through time rather than progress. Only propaganda by people who benefit from the regression keep us thinking that now things are better than ever. If you do your own research instead of what the establishment points you toward, you can find that right here on Earth, things were more high tech than they have progressed to in propogated history. Big glass bowels found under desert sand of middle eastern countries, older than the first recorded atomic bombs of the 20th century. Teleportation nodes in ancient ruins on lay lines. Pyramids under the ocean by Japan, and in the Bermuda Triangle (thought by some to be part of a wireless power grid). Mumies an hyroglyphics in the Grand Canyon. 7 foot redbearded skeletons in ancient caves of Utah. Crystalized mummies standing in normal day to day positions in India. This was thought to only happen by a kind of flash weapon similar to nukes. All dating back further than cannon history. At some point we appear to have blasted ourselves to the stone age, maybe a few times. Or maybe an outside force took our toys away.
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