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Light Side Female Exile

They Break in the Head

TSL Aboard the Ebon Hawk: Atton explains where one of his injuries came from

An interesting blending of Star Wars and Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics. We see too many droids killing people to really accept it, though the theory makes sense for a civilian populace.

Light Side Male Revan

The Altar of Judgment - 1: Cornered

PostKOTOR: Revan and Bastila go on a mission that doesn’t start smoothly

The work is well done, the situation laid out smoothly, even the humor fit well. Fearing what you were and what you might become again is a constant in the Star Wars universe spicing it just a little.

Pick of the Week

Light Side Male Exile

Heart of the Huntress

TSL on Malachor V: Mira has to tell him how she feels… just not yet.

The interplay between Mira’s emotions and the events going on around them is a fun read. Having as much competition as she does is no help to the emotions she wants to express. The last line is perfect, a logical unemotional reason to remain.

And as Doctor McCoy said at another such rational pint, in a pig’s eye.

Pick of the week.

From One Exile to Another Chapter 1: I Looked Upon him with Love


TSL On Telos: The handmaiden carries out her part of Kreia’s plan, and discovers that she does love the Exile.

The piece was interesting albeit short. The flow could have been better, and the fight scenes were too abbreviated. Nothing that polishing would not cure.

Chapter One - Snap Shots from the Past

Originally reviewed 21 July 2006. Review below

Prelude to KOTOR: The events from before finding the Star Map to the direct confrontation with Mandalore.

An excellent work. The author had my attention from the first. My only problem is ‘who’ is the master she spends time with at the start? Unfortunately, I do not have time to read all of the other postings.

Reprise Pick of the Week

The Bounty Hunter and the Scoundrel, Chapter 1
Kandon Kuuson

PostTSL: With the Exile now off to find Revan the characters miss specific people.

As an introduction this was outstanding. Having the male and female characters paired off, yet unsure if the other returns their affections is well done. Especially that bit of jealousy from Brianna at the end…

Pick of the Week

The Horn Mystery
Kandon Kuuson

Post Yuuzan Vong wars: Corran Horn learns more about his elusive ancestor.

Forgetting words, ‘He looked at tool of information” Which should have been ‘He looked at the tool of information’ and ‘While I bring up the necessary information’ which should have been Wait while I bring up the necessary information’. Don’t feel too bad. It’s something I do when a story is flowing well.

As another noted, Keiran Halcyon was from only four centuries previous, not 4 millennia. But not a bad idea.

The General Returns to War

Originally posted 22 Dec 2006, that review is below;

Set after TSL: The exile finally meets Revan again.

The scenes are well laid out, the story flows smoothly.

The self denigrating way Danna (Revan) speaks is instantly appealing. My favorite line is Revan’s ‘Go figure. You create an evil empire, kill a few million people, and you start to get a bad rep.”

Reprise pick of the week

Dear Diary
Evil Shall Giggle

TSL After Telos: Atris rereads her diary

The piece was cute because even in her diary, Atris is too bluntly honest with herself. She imagines what could have happened, then what actually did. Each time stepping a little further away from the Exile, then mourning his departure alone rather than admit it.

Nice to see our favorite ice maiden had a a heart after all.

When We Say Good Bye

PreTSL: After being sentenced to Exile, he had to say goodbye

The piece is excellent in a number of ways. As another commented, it was curious to see Atris jealous of a female Revan for taking away ‘her’ man. Another excellent work.

Pick of the Week

Live a little

PreTSL: With a little effort, friendship will grow.

An interesting view, especially taken with the story by the same author above. We see here what might be the beginning of a relationship between Atris and the Exile. Perhaps all someone had to do was really give her the attention she unwittingly craved.

Pick of the Week

Burning Heart
Darkness and Light

Post TSL: The Exile didn’t know what he would give up to find Revan

The piece is all dialogue, and heartrending. I was bothered that the author never revealed who was supposed to be his wife. But we know he misses her deeply.

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