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Star Wars: The Rise of Revan

Star Wars: The Rise of Revan

A year ago Revan and Malak discovered the “Star Forge” in top of the Planet Lehon, a powerful Space-base factory, which can construct thousands of ships in a short time. We Sith have returned under the command of Lord Revan and Lord Malak, we are here to conquer the galaxy at last. No one will stand in our way, not even the Jedis.

Revans new fleet has arrive unsuspected to the Foerost System, the weak republic fleets protecting Foerost was not match,now our target is the complete planet.

“Lord, the republic fleet is completely destroyed, should we proceed our next objective?”- Darth Malak asked to his master.

“Yes Malak, take the army to Foerost, send some ships to raid the Foerost Shipyard and continue with the plan, remember to take all the ships we can from the republic bases on Foeros as well.”- Darth Revan said to Malak “ I will stay here with the fleet in case of a near republic fleet decides come”

“Yes Revan”- Malak answered as he leaves the ship.

“HK, Go to Foerost, eliminate any possible, Kill any Jedi on the Planet”- Revan ordered the HK-47 he made after the Battle at Malachor 5.

Malak gathered five Sith lords, including Yusu Mejj, who served for Revan and Malak during the mandalorian wars, their task was to command each one a battalion of sith troopers. Yusu will be accompanying Malak on the take of Hajibar, the major city of Foerost, while the other sith's will be taking other cities.

Lord Carsew was ordered to take the Foerost Shipyard that was orbiting the planet, his task is to raid the Shipyard and bring as many ships as possible.

“This is the beginning of our empire” - Revan says as he watches the ships of his army entering the Foerost atmosphere thru his bridge window.

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