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"Acknowledgment: I shal leave immediately Master."-said HK, then he took one of the captured Republic Fighters to go to Foerost. He didn't want to use a Sith Fighter because if the enemy somehow notices him, he will fail his mission. The Republic didn't notice HK and he successfully landed on Foerost.
"Analysis: Primary functions active. Assasiation Protocol active. Damage %"
"Statement: Good. I will activate the cloaking device of the Fighter to make sure they won't discover my presence."
"Statement: I should probably get to work."

Bink's Sake

"I've barely eaten anything for many decades now. It feels like my stomach shriveled into my back........though i don't have a stomach or back because i'm a skeleton! Yohohohoho! SKULL JOKE!"

"My eyes have never seen such a pretty woman! But i'm a skeleton so my eyes don't see much."
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