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Lucas shook his head and took his stealth generated ship down to the planet, landing just behind the place where the governor was stationed, he quickly made his way inside and found the governor sitting at his seat, surveying the battle. He looked up and saw the dark Miraluka standing in front of him and he grimaced. "Sith are not welcome here, Miraluka." He managed to get out, before Lucas used the force to choke him.

"Shut up and listen to me. I am going to save your life but in doing so, you must retreat into the shadows and no longer 'exist' on the face of the galaxy, do you understand me? Revan was a fool to have started this battle... in doing so, he is enabling not only the other Dark Jedi to get stronger, but Malak as well... if it had been a peaceful transition, through negotiation... then perhaps Revan would survive longer. He is going to die by the wars end, though by whom I know not, probably Malak, though that is still yet to be seen." He rambled on, to himself. If he had eyes to roll, he probably would have rolled them. "Anyway... to save you, I must kill you for now... I am sorry, governor." He whispered and Force Crushed the man before the eyes of his loyal servants. Lucas turned to the servants and smirked. "Go spread the word to the Republic... their governor has fallen... and the Sith are taking up their rightful place as rulers of this 'sanctuary' world."

Wants to post something epically amazing here... will work on that laterz.
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