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The Sith army arrived on the Foerost planet, divided in to battalions. Lord Malak and Lord Yusu where send to take the capital while the other sith lords where ordered to take other manor cities.

A commander comes to the sith lords and informs them about the situation of the city. “Lord Malak and Lord Yusu, our spies have informed us of five thousand republic soldiers protect the city, we have got them completely off guard, we can attack right now without a problem.”- The commander informs.

“Good commander, I will take the north part of the city, where we can find the most strong defense, Yusu, take the south where most of the population lives.”- Malak ordered the sith lord

“Yes master, I will contact you as soon as I have everything under my control”- Yusu responded.

Yusu arrived to the south part of Hajibar. The south part of Hajibar was mostly composed of houses and a small military outpost.

“My lord, Republic soldiers have blocked the main entrance to our destination”- a soldier informed

“Easy, break the defense”- Lord Yusu said as he takes his lightsaber out and turn the red blade on.

The Sith soldiers attack the small republic resistance and crushes them in minutes. “Sire, the heat is under control, you we proceed to the apartment buildings?”- a commanders ask. “Yes, kill anyone that gives resistance, inform them that the Sith have returned under the orders of our hero Revan.

“You have that clear don't you soldier?”- says as he holds a republic soldier on his hands
“You traitors!!!”- the soldiers responded
“No, where here to end the tyranny of the Republic and the Jedi order.”- Yusu said loudly to the republic while he stab the lightsaber in the chest of the soldier.

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