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::Hush, general... see the galaxy through the Force...:: Lucas whispered, into the governor's mind. ::Let it take hold and show those who are kind to others, let it show thee who is who and what is what... allow it to show thee that not all Sith are evil... allow it to cover thee... to mask thy presence... to soften thy breathing and still thy heart. Let it consume thee, let it strengthen thee... but do not let it overwhelm thee. For the Force isn't all that is good... for all the lightside of the Force, there is a much larger looming darkside, as the Sith have shown. Open thy mind to the Force and let it rush through thy veins. Ahh... you feel it, don't you... calm thyself and call upon the will of the Force to make thee appear dead.::

Lucas turned quickly, hearing footsteps. He rolled his eyes at the mechanical droid standing there, with it's gun raised. "Leave HK, the governor is dead, as you can clearly see."

Wants to post something epically amazing here... will work on that laterz.
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