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(( Uhm... Lucas kind of taught the Governor how to do the Kreia thing, where he could appear dead even when he wasn't >< So HK would think that he was dead

*snarky retort*
Observation: HK-47 has become stronger in the Force than a human master. Let me take out the Jedi and kill them with my Force Powers.

Revan- "Uhm... HK, you know you are a droid right?"

Retaliation: Master, I am surprised at you. Droids are very Force Sensitive, even though they aren't meatbags, such as you or any of the Jedi/Sith in your arsenal.

Revan- "But you are a metal trash heap..."

Threat: Master, I would advise you to not talk about your assassination, Force Sensitive droid that way.

Revan- "Whatever... how did you discover you were Force Sensitive."

Query: Was it not when I saw that the governor was still alive?
Answer: Yes, Master, I believe so... I saw that the governor was still alive through the Force.

Lucas (Buzz Lightyear voice xD)- "You are one sad, strange little droid." ))

Wants to post something epically amazing here... will work on that laterz.

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