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A bang was heard as the Sith boarding party entered the shipyard, shooting down the Republic soldiers inside. They had entered on seven key spots around the shipyard, each of the ships containing five hundred troopers.

Carsew Adelt stepped into the corridor, Sith Troopers in silver armor following close by, as bodyguards. He was bald, with tribal tatoos etched into the sides of his head, and dressed in black clothes, similar to those of the Jedi, and a black cloak. Further into the corridor the rest of the troops in this party were breaching a door. Carsew walked forward to the red commander. The commander shivered as he approached.

"Report," Carsew said simply.

"We estimate that the techs are hiding inside, with the rest of the soldiers," the commander answered uncertainly. "We are having some trouble getting the door opened though." Carsew looked towards the door. Even with his difficulties with the Force he should be able to get it open. He walked towards it.

"Move!" he shouted and positioned himself in front of the door. Once the troopers had moved out of the way he started charging his push. As he threw his hands forward, his cape and clothes flapping backwards, the door flew open by the Force. Inside was the control room, occupied by Republic techs, and around ten guards. The guards started firing at the Sith troopers, but they were no match for the wave of troops. They were killed within seconds, and now the only thing left was the techs, who sat on the floor, hands on their heads. One of the troopers killed one of them.

"No! Stop you fool!" Carsew shouted at the man, brandishing his lightsaber as he ran over to the trooper. "We will not kill them, we can use these people." Carsew ignited his lightsaber and stabbed the trooper in the heart, killing him instantly. He turned the saber off and clipped it to his belt. He turned to the techs.

"If you want to live, you will join the Sith Empire and help us in taking these ships back to our fleet," he said and waited for one of them to answer. One of the techs jumped up.

"Never! I'll die before I'll join you!" he shouted and ran over to a control panel, blasters firing, but missing him. He punched a button, then he got hit by a blaster. A red light started blinking. Carsew turned to the techs.

"What did he do?!" he shouted.

"He has turned on the self-destruct system. We have to go now!" the tech said, scared of the Sith Lord. "We'll join you, just let us get out of here alive."

((I'll post the continuation when I get back from dinner.))

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