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Hi ThunderPeel2001.

The version is 1.4 (10/04/89). I don't know how conclude if the corruption is caused by WinUAE. The version I'm using is 1.5.0. I belive 1.6.1 is the newest version.

Do you know a way to correct the points counter?

Correction for the guide:
ALL roadblock guards can be bribed (it not an Amiga "bug" since I tested it playing the PC version): Roadblocks 3, 5 and 7 seem impossible to bribe, but they're not. Initially, when you offer them money, they respond "You dare to bribe me?" and any dialogue choice after that will start a fight. Instead, "reply" by "offer an item" again, select the money and then 50 marks. No sweat.
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