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The techs worked at a marvelous speed with detatching ships and delaying the destruct process as much as they could. One of them had failed in hindering the destruct process in one of the wings, so that it blew up, and with it two Interdictors and four Hammerheads. The Sith had entered with just one Interdictor, but they would return with seven Hammerheads, three Interdictors, ten Foray's and, most interestingly, a Centurion-class Battlecruiser. Carsew reckoned it was probably one of the last ones in Republic control, most of them had been lost in the battle of Malachor V. And all of these had small starfighters in them.

"My Lord, the destruct-system will blow the station in two minutes," one of the techs said to Carsew, which pulled him out of his thinkings. He nodded and turned to the crew.

"Everybody to the ships!" he called over the troopers. They had already worked out crews, and now everybody ran to their respective ships. Carsew had decided to take the Centurion for his own use, if Revan did not mind, and so he walked over to it.

The fleet flew in formation towards Revan's fleet, the Centurion in the lead. A tech said how much time it was left to Carsew.

"Three, two, one..." he stopped talking as an ear-breaking noise was heard from the shipyards explosion. The ships in the back were rocked violently, a Foray and an Hammerhead was destroyed in the explosion, but none of that mattered. They returned to Revan's fleet.

"Prepare a shuttle to Revan's flagship," Carsew said and swept down towards the hangar...

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