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Kiilik woke up from a restless sleep. he had been on a bounty the previous day. he went to the 'fresher and put his armor on, and went to his employer's palace.

when he entered the faleen's quarters he said
"excuse me Xenn, but i would like to speak to you in private"
"does the presence of my gaurds bother you?"
"just take me to your di'kutla office will you?"

when he entered the office he sat down and pulled out a credit chit.

"here's your money back chacaaryc"
money BACK?"
"yes... i no longer want to work for scum"
"that's hardly the word i would call it"
"calll it what you want but i still hate you and want you dead"
"was that a threat Ven?'
"oh no! i would never kill you!" i'll leave my BOMB to do that
"very well..."

the faleen took the money and escorted kiilik out the door.
as Kiilik walked he ginned as he heared a large explosian behind him...
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