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Rax Sadow had been given a command. He never disobeyed one, and he's not gonna start now. He took his 20 men aboard a shuttle, where they landed near the Military Base on Foerost. He crouched on the ground, then motioned for the commandos to form a circle around him, and they did.

"Okay. First of all, defense systems. Line of perimeter is covered by anti-personnel turrets, nothing automatic, all of them operated by men. Go prone and you won't be detected. 5 of you will go as near as you can to the turrets without getting obliterated. You are to be known as Squad A from here on out. Dismissed."

Rax pointed to some 5 men then motioned for them to go away. They lied prone then crawled near to the turrets.

"Squad B, composed of another 5 men will wear standard Republic Army Uniforms, and I will wear a Republic Officer Uniform. I am to distract then assassinate the Commanding Officer. When you hear blaster fire, start firing on the personnel operating the turrets. The base will then go on alert, and Squad A will immediately engage."

Rax held a deep breath.

"Now the last 10 men would remain here and assault once Squad A does. Understood?"

An echo of "YES SIR" was heard all over, and Rax smiled.

"Let's make Revan proud boys. Move out!"

Rax put on a Republic Officer Uniform, then set out along with 5 of his commandos.

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