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Yusu's men took over all the south sector of Hajibar, it was said that Malak did took over of the north section of Hajibar as well and that all the other siths managed to take the other cities without a problem. Taking Foerost was an easy task for veteran soldiers of the new Sith empire. Most of the planet was now under the control of the Sith, Revan placed a Sith governor and soldiers on the planet. Revan send a message to all the Sith lords, to gather on the Sith academy of Korriban as soon as their duties where finished, to make plans for a new attack. Revan left a big fleet over the planet and headed with his flagship and many other ships to the Horuset System, where Korriban was located.

Yusu's task was accomplished, he left a high ranking soldier on charge of the battalion and took his starfighter back to a Interdictor-class Cruiser that was heading to Korriban along with Revan's flagship.

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