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Lucas laughed, hard. He watched as the man slashed at him with his lightsaber, only to bounce off of his robes. He had his robes bathed in a cortosis weave... the only possible way to kill him would be to cut off his head. Lucas shook his head as the Jedi continued to pound his robes/armor with his lightsaber, only to have it bounce off. He looked majorly confused but Lucas just laughed again.

"Kill me will you, Jedi? Ahhh... yes, give into the hate, your baser emotions... fill yourself with the Darkside and perhaps I shall spare you... only break you. I will not fall in combat until I see you either A.) dead or B.) my own personal apprentice." He laughed hard and backflipped out of the way of the lightning, landing behind him and grabbing struck him hard in the neck, forcing him to see black spots... eventually he would be knocked out, but for now he somehow managed to stay conscious. He slowly crept into the Jedi's mind. ::You want it don't you? The power of the Darkside could be yours... I know you do... it is a powerful thing to have... power, glory, riches... all belong to those whom bask in the darkness.:: He whispered into Mako's mind.

Wants to post something epically amazing here... will work on that laterz.
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