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"Ugh, this is getting annoying." Mako said as he was shot in the hand, all he really felt was a small jolt of electricity in his arm letting him know his hand was damaged.

::You want it don't you? The power of the Darkside could be yours... I know you do... it is a powerful thing to have... power, glory, riches... all belong to those whom bask in the darkness.::

Mako smiled, You really think this affects me don't you. He thought, not wanting to waste breath, knowing the Miraluka could read his mind. Well it doesn't you fool, I'm not a jedi, nor am I sith, I ventured away from the light side, but why am I telling you this when you already know it? For a distraction, that's why. Mako then began Force Crushing Lucas.

You will succumb to my dark power! I have forseen it!
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