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1. Exo
2. A green stripe across his helmet, going verticlly and stopping at the end of the helmet. This color is forest green. He will have green elbow pads and knee pads. Throw in somethings cool that's green to go on the breats plate. He will have a silver visor. Make any nessesary add-on's that u need to make him the best.
3. For Exo's weapon, make a Verpine Shatter Rifle. Also, at the sides of his body make 2 handguns in holisters since he's the weapon specialist.
4. Make little scratches on the chest and color marks showing he has been in battle.


EDIT: also can i have someone like REvan Muluk make mine no offence to anyone thats who i've paid attention to and he does it rlly good in the future i hope to make Alpha Squad but are u all using photoshop?

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