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Ashtin kept running, darting in between the trees of the park. The smell of human life was strong in the air here, it was starting to make him crave food more. Shaking his head Ashtin knew he had to stay focused if he wanted to survive the night. Though killing the werewolf wouldn't be to much of a problem, he just didn't enjoy killing the young ones with the mental compasity of a rodent. Looking up he could tell the sky was still dark, but in the distance there was a haze of light.

Dammit... The only way this thing will stop chasing me is if the sun is up. And if the sun is up then I'm dust, literally.

At the other side of the park there had to be buildings or some kind of complexes where he could hide at least for the night. But until then Ashtin kept running through the park, thinking of some way to by time to widen the gap between himself and his hunter.

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