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Originally Posted by jck87 View Post
great work. In combination with my mod I should be able to make one of my companions turn into Mara Jade
Does it replace or add a head? (hoping for replace)
Looks like it is a head addon. Could you replace an existing head for me? It makes it more compatable to other types of mods
If I'm not mistaken all you would have to do is copy the .mdl and .mdx files, rename them to the desired head and it should work. I haven't tried this so don't shoot me if it doesn't work out.

Originally Posted by Parmenides View Post
Great work! Love this.
Hey thanks. I found out recently that geometry can be added to bodies so I've already modeled a new less sucky version of Mara's outfit. When redrob41 has time he'll try and work on the texture (seeing as I suck at them). That could be awhile since he's working on the Revenge of Revan mod as well as a couple more projects he and I are working on together. And who knows, maybe I'll find a way to texture it that doesn't make it look like I vomited all over it.

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