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Well then we are back to the original problem. I don't believe the game is going to detect what track needs to be played with the level that is loaded, regardless of whether you made yourself a new CD of the game or not with music included or not, it just simply won't detect the tracks, I believe. I could be wrong, but that's my theory. If the music won't work on my comp, then more than likely it won't work on your Linux setup either. So I need to ask you again: do you want the zip file I made that has the tracks rearranged in actual gameplay order? As I said, I found out what the tracks for the first ten levels are thanks to popkraz97's YouTube walkthrough vids. I have no idea how he got the music to play; either he has a comp with Windows 95 and/or old equipment to run the game with music, or, he recorded his walkthroughs years ago and finally uploaded them after all of these years. I am just glad his has the music in there as that was an invaluable resource to know what the music tracks were. I just wish he had the walkthroughs up for the last four levels so that I would know what they are. I did find on opening my copy of the game in Windows Media Player that the second track is for level 12, and I also already know which track is used for the end credits. The only ones I am not sure about are for levels 11, 13, and 14, and I haven't included them in that zip I made, at least not yet. So, let me know what you want. I will be more than happy to upload the original zip I made that puts the tracks in gameplay order and I can include the level 12 and end credits music tracks if you want them as well. When that guy puts up the walkthroughs for the final levels I will definitely update the file.

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