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"That's my number. If something like this happens again, don't be afraid to give me a call."

Moxie smiled. "Thank you!" she called out as he left. She turned back around to the direction of her house. Suddenly, her cell phone went off. Moxie took out from her pants pocket and answered it.


"Moxie?! Are okay?!" The voice belonged to Sonya.

The young girl stopped on the sidewalk. "Yeah. Yeah, I'm okay. The vampire... I mean... the strange guy let me go."

Sonya sighed. "It's okay, Moxie. John told us everything. The vampire and what had happened. Are you headed home right now?"

"Um... sure. Yeah. In fact, I'll be there in about a few minutes." Moxie checked both sides of the streets. It was empty. She ran across and safely went to the other side of the sidewalk.

"Okay. We'll be over to check up on ya. 'Kay?"

Moxie nodded. "M'kay. Bye."

"See yaz."

And with that, Moxie was in the front porch of her house.
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