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Originally Posted by Jenni View Post
I finished Teen Agent. It was pretty fun and the translation was pretty good. I enjoyed the LucasArts injokes and the animations were pretty funny, which made me enjoy the game a lot more.
I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's a cult game here in Poland.

Originally Posted by Jenni View Post
Does anyone else have any suggestions for free adventure games? It would be fun to play free games that used to sell in stores, but fun Adventure Game Studio games would be welcome too. I remember someone posting about some free AGS games earlier in the thread too, I'll have to check some of them out.
ScummVM has several old school adventure games that have since become freeware. As for AGS I recommend Nelly Cootalot, Winter Rose, Infinity String and the demo of Indiana Jones and The Fountain of Youth (just the titles off the top of my head).

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