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Here's a pretty nifty new card from Galaxy >> A single slot GTX 260 Ideal for those with smallish cases \o/

More info here

Microsofts malware product - MS Security Essentials has come out of beta and is now live. It is a free antivirus/malware proggie that has had some quite positive reviews. Whilst it is free - it must be mentioned that it runs a Validation scan on your windows install before starting so beware ye Pirates .... *Arrrghhh!* >squawk<

You can download it HERE If you want to read a review of it this one is pretty good

*The long awaited Lucid 300 Hydra is about to be released for production. What is it? It is a chip that allows multi GPU setups with almost any GPU combination - including AMD and nvidia mix'n'matches ! Great idea of course - but will it work >> no benchies yet.

More info here at expreview


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