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It is extremely strange. If I delete everything in the map the leak is happening on, and simply make a cube with a info_player_deathmatch and light entity, it leaks, passing through the walls. However, if I open a new project and do the same thing, It compiles without a problem. Before you ask: I tried copy and pasting the map into a new file, however that didn't work.

I'm starting to think that it is a GTKRadiant bug, and I should try out GTK 1.4, but I'm unsure wether this would resolve anything.

I am fairly certain that the map I am making is not affecting the leaks... It just makes no sense! Its as if GTKRadiant just WANTS the leak. Even by enclosing it in a square... nothing!!

Here are a few pictures anyways:
In this picture you can clearly see there's a problem. The first light entity is highlighted, but a completely different light is starting the leak! (Check top right)
Here you can see the leak passing through the walls of the clanmap. Please do note that I actually placed a caulked wall behind the curves, as you can see in the top left image.
Here you can see the curve clearly passing through the wall and returning inside, however, it is just beneath the floor, passing through the entire strip of ground there is...
The leak passes through almost half the map before leaving into the unfinished parts of it.
Overhead view of the entire map. You can clearly see the leak's movement.
3D overhead view of my map.

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