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hmmmmmmmm.....( good poll ping )........Maybe HK, no, IG.......Wait! YVH.........

1.Lets think about this...It cant be a draw as none of them can get tired.

2.YVH or HK would Beat IG-88

3.If YVH won against IG-88, while he was destroing him HK would sneak up behind him and open fires at YVH's armour and head and YVH turns around (option 1) and smashes his hand inside HK ripping out his core wiring (or option 2) as YVH turns around HK puts his gun up to YVH's neck wiring and open fires.As YVH is stunned HK switches to a ion pistol and fires between YVH's eyes repetedly destroying him.

well thats just me......anyways i'm just a feel free to critisise and/or adapt it.

He's real....and he's coming to get you....
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