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"Well? Where is she? What has happened? Where can I find her? I have many questions for her."

Sonya squinted her eyes. "Sir, calm down. My friend's at her house. Safe and sound. We can take you to her. If that's cool."


Moxie passed the living room in her house. She glanced at the time on the wall. It was 4:30am in the morning. "God, I'm tired..." The young girl went up stairs, very tired and bummed out on last night's events. "Werewolves, Vampires, Agents... I've had enough for one day."

Hopefully, her aunt and uncle would check up on her. They might've went to bed already. Moxie was finally in her room. She threw her boots off, and put on her night clothes. Jumping on her bed, she stared up at the ceiling, thinking about everything...
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