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Originally Posted by machievelli View Post
Coruscant Entertainment Center

Music of the Force

Submission to the Getting the Crystals contest.

During AOTC: A young Jedi goes in search of her own crystal, and faces her dark self.

I know when Writer is posting, it is usually good and I wasn’t disappointed. The piece flows well, and seeing the brash young girl go off and end up stranded was perfect. Her travails both mental and physical were reduced, but remembering how much ‘fun’ it was to do a multiple posting for the contests I could understand that.

The idea that Sith hunters would be around still was a bit confusing. Since the Sith had been reduced in numbers by the rule of two, it would be like building a palisade around a modern city to stop Indian attacks. But having that person as a foil at the start helped the story along.

First off, thanks for the positive review!

I don't fault you for not understanding the presence of the Sith Hunters. If I had a lot of my other writing concerning them up and around, you may have better understood. At this point in history (roughly the start of the Clone Wars), Reibe is the only known surviving Sith Hunter. Furthermore, she was thought to be dead until shortly before 'The Phantom Menace'.

At present, Reibe's 'function' in the greater scheme of galactic happenings is that she's sort of presented herself as a 'Force-wielding thug' for the Republic to throw around. She occasionally takes missions from the Jedi, but she primarily acts as a Republic covert operative. In the Clone Wars, she did much the same, though her operations dealt more with the Seperatists than with commonplace thugs.

Essentially, she's around and most Jedi know her by name (and don't trust her as far as they could reach). But they don't know why she's suddenly back in action after having been missing for five hundred years, and her appearance combined with the fact that the Sith are in the process of making a comeback understandably concerns them.

One final thing I wanted to point out here: this story marks the first time that Reibe's foresight was dead wrong. That was fun

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