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Ashtin emerged from the park into a residential area. This place wasn't familare grounds to him. Ashtin made it a habit of staying away from small residential area's because people here would make a bigger commotion of a tragedy then people in the main city. Ashtin walked along the streets quietly, carefully returning his gun to his holster connected to his belt on his back. He walked around quietly, trying to think of a good place he could take residence for the morning since every nerve in his being was telling him that the sun was soon.

Times like this he wished he invested into a watch so he could keep track of the rising sun, but before all the resent events he was back at his home before the moon was completely gone from the night sky. He sighed softly examining the houses around him. The smell of the werewolf was in the air, so he was close. But the sun was just as much of a danger to a werewolf as it was to a vampire. With the rising sun, the werewolf become human again, and is more vulnerable. A vampire will simply dissapear off the face of existance.

Then he caught a familare scent, it smelled like the human girl, Moxie. Ashtin took off in a dash following her scent hoping he could reach her house in time. If only to use her basement as temporary shelter.

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