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Carsew nodded and stood up.

"Yes my Lord." He walked out of the room, into a long corridor. He walked slowly, pondering on what to do next. He saw a student being defeated in a duel by Lord Yusu. He smirked and watched as Yusu helped the man up, saying something Carsew could not hear. Then the Sith Lord left. The student was also about to leave, but then Carsew stepped infront of him.

"I saw how you fought Lord Yusu," Carsew said confidently. Uthar backed a little, afraid that his end would be now.

"Oh, that... Well... Please, don't kill me!" He suddenly dropped to his knees, hands in the air.

"Stand up you fool!" Carsew said angrily as he grabbed the student's arms and roughly pulled him. "I'm not here to kill you."

"You're... not?" Uthar said, looking scared at Lord Carsew. Carsew shook his head.

"No I'm not. I saw you, as I have already said, and I saw that you have incredible potential. Potential that Jorak would not let you use." Carsew looked around. "Come with me." He grabbed the student and pushed him in front of him, guiding him to Carsew's room in the academy. Carsew pushed the student inside the middle-sized room, then entered himself, making sure to close the door behind him. The room was rather simple, consisting of a large bed, a desk and a wardrobe. Carsew walked to the student.

"I think you are destined to lead this academy. Yes... you most definetly are. Jorak, however, does not want this to happen, you taking over. But you are better than him. And I will teach you your full potential," Carsew said and walked a bit away from the student. "For a price."

"Anything, my Lord." Carsew smirked.

"You have to train, very subtile of course, the students to be loyal to me, and not to Revan. If you do this small favor I will train you." Uthar kneeled.

"Of course, Lord Adelt."

"Good. Training starts now!" Carsew ignited his lightsaber and threw it at Uthar, who dodged it and returned a Force push. Carsew blocked the push and used the Force to call his lightsaber to him, but Uthar apprehended it, trying to also call the saber to him. The result was that they stood on each end of the room, the lightsaber suspended in mid-air, totally still, between them. Carsew was stronger and the saber flew into his right hand, Uthar giving up and instead charging up a powerful Force push. Carsew, however, was too fast, and jumped in front of Uthar, holding the lightsaber a centimeter from Uthar's neck.

"Good work. Leave me. I will contact you when I wish to see you," Carsew said and deactivated his lightsaber, giving Uthar a small smile. Uthar returned it and left the room, leaving Carsew to change clothes and meditating.

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