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Moxie closed her eyes, tears streaming down from both sides of her cheeks. Why was she crying all of a sudden? Something inside her was feeling upset. Yet... she felt relieved. She couldn't understand this sudden change all of a sudden...

She began to think about Ashtin. Somehow... just somehow... he felt famiiar to her. "Where have I seen his face before...?" Moxie would ask herself. She closed her eyes. Thinking. Thinking...

"Aww, fiddle sticks! Forgot to lock the basement like Uncle told me to do!" Moxie got up and ran out of her room. She then ran down into basement, to check everything. It was nice, not like your average junky basement. But it still had a few boxes and old antiques.


"I'm..I'm sorry, must be the nerves....Yes, I would like it if you could take me to her...this situation needs to be handled immediately."

Rosalyn smiled. "S'okay, officer. No harm done."

Davy nodded. "We'll take you to her, sir. Do you want to ride in our van or do you have a car?"
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