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Originally Posted by Scarface43% View Post
Manufacturer TOSHIBA
Model Satellite A200
Total amount of system memory 2.00 GB RAM
Im out of ideas. Help?
It sounds like youve tried every trick there is

Looking at your specs through, its not going to be easy - your running an intel integrated gpu. Theyre are not really built for gaming (esp 965)

I did notice you still seem to be on WDM drivers, so may want to give the intel driver update utility a try. There is may 2009 uopdate for the 965 chipset - the utility should find it

There is absolutely zero guarantee it will work for KOTOR though - but your system will be better for the upgrade

If that doesnt work, and you really want to play kotor... you may want to think about a dual boot setup.

Either that or just wait for TOR


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