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Originally Posted by Char Ell View Post
Hmmm, so the Interdictor ship class has been present in the SW timeline for 4,000+ years? Seems like quite a long time to have a class called by the same name...

EDIT: I looked up the databank entry for the Leviathan and it does state that the Leviathan was "the vanguard of interdicting technology" but it doesn't say it was an Interdictor-class ship. Meh. I'm probably just splitting hairs on this one...

EDIT 2: I stand corrected. 3956 BBY it is.
Calling it an Interdictor is it's function, not it's type. Like a Heavy or light cruiser.

According to the Canon (Outbound Flight) the technology to create a gravitational field (The primary force used by an Interdictor to stop a ship from going into hyperspace) didn't exist until right before the Clone Wars.

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