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Oxygen >.>

I've ran a search, and so far nothing has been discussed about this topic from what I've seen >.> Inform me if it has been.

Call me a whiny-little obsessive fan. Call me a "non-believer". I dont care; I feel a need to discuss - I'm one of those people who prefers science over faith

I've done some thinking about the Galaxy far, far away, as well as conducting abit of research and playing Mass Effect

Most of the planets within the Star Wars galaxy appear to have breathable air, for nearly every race to survive on. Lucas has a tendency to ignore some of the laws of both physics (there is no sound in space -.- ) and ecosystems especially -almost to the point where it has become utterly ridiculous!

Based upon the geology, many of the planets within Star Wars are unlikely to produce an oxygen-rich environment by academic standards. Take Mustafar for example; a volcanic moon with constantly errupting volcanos and lava flows. How Obi-Wan, Anakin and several other characters walking on that moon, and able to suvive the harsh conditions is beyond mystery.

Volcanos emit toxic fumes of Sulfur Dioxide, Hydrogen chloride, and hydrogen fluoride - which will undoubtly kill a person within seconds. There is also the fact considering the lava, because that itself will burn up alot of oxygen. Mustafar is also a highly unlikely candidate for terraforming; there is just simply no way of producing oxygen, without the molten lava burning it up.

I'm not asking for any solutions to these errors. I dont want dumb answers that consist of mainly "Duh, maybe oxygen isnt the only thing they breath..."
I just want people to understand and acknowledge the sheer ridiculous nature seen within the franchise, and perhaps share their insight ^-^

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