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I've long maintained that real-world science doesn't apply to Star Wars, no matter how much people try to shoe-horn it in to make sense. After all, this is a world where people can move starships with their minds, and where there are creatures made of calcified wood.
You've forgotten talking Lobster-people that have a tendency to scream "Its a Trap!"

As Lucas pointed out, the target audience for the franchise is aimed towards children. So yes, it wouldnt be suprising to disregard the laws of physics in favour of awsome battle sequences consisting of people fighting each other with laser swords.

Originally Posted by leXX View Post
Do you really want it to be so realistic? Imagine the space battles with absolutely no sound. Wouldn't be as good would it?
Pffft. Look at the space battles in Firefly and Serenity. Hardly any sound generated, yet turned out to be pretty awsome ^-^

My advice, chill out, don't take it so seriously and just enjoy it for what it is.
Apologies. I dont mean to sound obsessive. I just happened to pick it up, and compare it to my own understanding.
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