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Originally Posted by Wookiee Rrudolf View Post
Of course Revan is an icon and Great Hero of the Republic. But Exile should also be well known. She was the Last of the Jedi after Jedi Civil War (even though through the game there are other Jedi she ends up being the last one) and the one who rebuilt the Jedi Order. Not mentioning the Exile in TOR would be like not mentioning Skywalker in Legacy Era (OK, maybe I exaggerated a bit ).
But you also have to remember - the name you gave the Exile is the Exile's real name - as we saw in K1, the name you gave Revan wasn't Revan's real name.

Sure, you could continue to refer to the Exile as the Exile, but is a rather generic title. And I don't think anyone wants the Exile to have an official name, either.
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