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Yeah the blood spatter thing is pretty retarded. Something pushed for by the marketing department no doubt to bring in the non-RPG console crowd, in the same vein as the "violence" trailer (the one with Marilyn Manson's dulcet tones).

By the way, the first official review came out recently in a Polish magazine. There's a thread over on the official site about it. Here's one summary of the article -

Originally Posted by lurking fear
I've just finished reading the review. The overall rate is 8+/10.

multi-threaded plot
great possibilities for development

looks old school
some fights are difficult like hell even at lower difficulty levels

There are additional rates for:
- graphics: 7/10
- music: 9/10
- playability 9/10
Predictably, the fanboys are getting pissy over the score and the various points raised in the review.
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