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Originally Posted by Shaggoth View Post
so for kotor it isnt nesessary to copy game on hard drive?
Though, if you want faster load times (and have GBs of space to spare) you might consider loading it on there.

Originally Posted by Shaggoth View Post
by the way, mods must be reskins mostly? how bout something like prestige padawans or single sabered bastila?
Actually, quite the opposite. Reskins will work... but only so many will work at a time (too many, and the game will freeze). It also depends on the size of the skin: if you have a bunch of small ones (32x32), then you shouldn't encounter too many problems. However, try loading a 1024x1024, and... well I'll be surprised if it loads at all.

And actually, utcs/utis, 2das, scripts and module files.. they will all work rather nicely...

so you could easily have your single sabered bastila and quite possibly prestige padawans (I'm not sure what the mod is...)

And actually, I'm gonna have to contradict mjpb3 here a bit:

Originally Posted by mjpb3

FOR YOUR INFORMATION #1: Model files will not work on the XBox. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. They just won't - no matter what someone else may tell you. Any other files should with a little finagling. But no, model files will not work. Don't even try them. Your XBox will hate you for it.
This, is for the most part true. SOME (and very few) models will load on the xbox. But it is not impossible.

Originally Posted by mjpb3
FOR YOUR INFORMATION #2: Module files, or any mods that place files outside of the Override folder in your XBox files, won't work. Module mods are those like ORD Mandell and outside files are those like wav files, etc...
This needs to be rewritten... Module mods that use new models will not work.
If you're making a new module from a pre-existing module (no reskins, no custom models) then there's no reason why it shouldn't work.

Wav files will not work on the xbox. They have to be converted to wma if they're VOs. For any other cases.. I'm not sure

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