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Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
Another thought: if exile faced visions of the past and present, what is to say that vision of Revan wasn't the future? Like the millenia old Sith Emperor waited, biding his time and saw an opportunity to turn the two against each other? Maybe they ended each other?
That is a possibilty, and like I mentioned earlier:

Originally Posted by DAWUSS View Post
Whether or not they instigated on opposite sides (Revan on one side, Exile as the other) I'm not sure about.

While they may not have lived to see much of it, the factions could live on and the civil war could have lasted for a century or so.
Maybe he could have played them both and had them draw massive armies behind them, keeping the Sith occupied while the Republic once again grew complacent, evident in how they were caught blindsided when the True Sith invaded.
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