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There are a few ideas running through my mind.

It comes down to how much modding could be done to the game.

One is the idea of a Mandalorian Wars Chapter: A recount of a Jedi sneaking through the Manadlorian lines and must face the dangers alone with the Force.

Another for the Dark side person a Chapter in the hunt to kill the Jedi. This would be during the Jedi Purge between kotor1 and kotor2. You are a Jedi who was also influenced by Malachor V and you are sent to hunt down the last of the Order as they start to hide from the new Sith threat.

Another is another chapter in Starkiller's time and history.

Then there is always the forgotten records of the Jedi Exile and Revan. You play as them in the unknown regions facing the Sith Empire through records of their battles found in holocron chapters.

There are many more ideas but all would be geared to an action adventure based on the design of the force unleashes game mechanics and layout in showing a action game experience.

But first can it be modded? Has anyone been able to mod the Xbox 360 version with a modded xbox??

Its going to be fun to see what can be done.


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