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Excellent Work;

I shall just quote from my review of your mod at K-Files for the benefit of thread viewers...

Originally Posted by j7's KotOR Files Review
It's always nice when veteran modders return to the scene, so I'm very excited to review a new mod by my fellow staffer Mono_Giganto. To be frank the default saber's appearance sucked, and having just got a hold of some brand new game discs and starting this his game the author was immediately bothered by the lightsabers. So like any good modder does he has moved to fix this, so basically what this mod does is jazz that up! The lightsabers now pulse when they are activated, much like the lightsabers do in the original trilogy.

The mod is very well done and the Mono has also edited the textures which look much improved, the colours are now much more vibrant. The colours are also much more consistent as Mono has fixed the yellow lightsaber to actually being yellow opposed to the gold colour that it appears normally in game. I confess that I like these flickering lightsaber blades so much that they have earned themselves a permanent place in my Override. An added bonus with these textures is they should be compatible with lightsaber mods such as the Ultimate Lightsaber Mod and Oldflash's Hilts (I know it's definitely compatible with the latter as when I tested it, I also had that installed). Should you wish to tweak your lightsabers Mono has included a detailed readme of how he made this mod; All in all this is an excellent mod, and I recommend it highly.

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