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Originally Posted by Det. Bart Lasiter View Post
i hope enemies explode in giant waves of blood and it absolutely decimates alpha protocol's sales to the point where obsidian's offices explode and shower the southwestern us with blood then bioware releases a special blood edition of dragon age that comes with a pint of o- blood with a small explosive inside of it with all the lettering on the box, in the manual, and in the game formed from human bones except all the i's are dotted with tits and the t's are crossed with legs clad in fishnet stockings and it comes with a dlc where you play as a highwayman who just rapes and pillages and can use blood magic powerups to rape and pillage faster
I agree with this.

Also the best part of the game is the brothel where you can say surprise me and come face to face with a man, a woman, a transsexual, or an animal (I forget if this has been brought up in this thread but it's mature)

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Yeah, yeah, Mama Jae pipes up...LF is still rated PG-13, so note to everyone to watch the content you're chatting about on this forum, I don't give a horse's dump what games are rated elsewhere.

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